The American Special Hockey Association logo embodies the mission and values of special hockey.  
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Red.Located in the center, the red symbolizes “heart and hardiness.” The strength and the ability to accept and overcome obstacles.    

White.Symbolizes the “spirit.” Determination and enthusiasm, which can achieve heights thought unimaginable.   

Blue.Symbolizes “perseverance.” The quality that allows a player to continue to try even though it is difficult. 

Red, white, and blue.Together these colors stand for the “American” in American Special Hockey. Just as America stands for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, ASHA provides a safe, accepting, and nurturing learning environment where every athlete can achieve their highest level of development and success.


Core Values

The three larger stars in the top row represent ASHA’s core values of 1) integrity, 2) acceptance, and 3) dignity and respect for all.

Integrity. Integrity is about doing the right thing, even when no one else is looking. Honesty, courage, responsibility, and accountability are the foundation on which integrity is built.

Acceptance. We accept all our athletes for who they are, as they are. We are interested in their abilities, not their disabilities; for what they can do, not what they cannot do. And we gently encourage them to grow.

Dignity and Respect. We treat all people with the utmost dignity, respect, and tolerance -- regardless of one’s cognitive or athletic ability; level of social, emotional, or behavioral aptitude; or age, race, creed, or gender.


The four smaller stars at the bottom represent ASHA’s primary missions:  1) Therapy First, Hockey Second; 2) Development; 3) Service; and 4) Advocacy.

Therapy First, Hockey Second.ASHA is primarily a therapeutic organization, not a hockey organization. Our primary mission is to deliberately teach the life lessons that are inherently part of the game, in order to develop our athletes socially, emotionally, and behaviorally. The great game of hockey provides us this unique opportunity. To simply change the rules of the game to accommodate our athletes would be a lost opportunity.     

Development.Our mission is to provide a model learning environment where all student-athletes can achieve their highest level of development.  We are committed to supporting our players’ social, emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and athletic development while making each individual more independent, self-reliant, and a better citizen.

Service before Self. As special hockey volunteers, our service to our players, families, and communities takes precedent over personal desires as a coaches or managers. A good leader will always put his or her athletes first.      

Advocacy.  ASHA’s mission is larger than hockey. We have an opportunity and responsibility to educate and engage people in our communities to expand their knowledge, awareness, and understanding of the abilities of people with developmental disabilities. By doing so, we will help build acceptance, tolerance, and respect for people of all abilities.