ASHA provides gereral liability insurance to all of its member program free of charge. Each member program will receive a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for the protection of the organizations and it's members, once a team manager and head coach are fully registered with Protect Youth Sports (PYS) background checks and child safety training.  And all players of an ASHA team must be registered with ASHA as well to obtain a COI.

ASHA also provides optional Accident/Medical Insurance which cost about $6-$18 per player based on their age. It is supplemental insurance where it only becomes available after their personal medical insurance is exhausted. If the participant has no medical insurance, it is available right away at a low deductable of $500.

ASHA also can provide Directors & Officers Insurance plan which is available to ASHA member programs for $400 per year. The regular cost is about $1,200. This insurance will cover your board if any lawsuit were to arise. Not a common thing for our programs, but it does give you peace of mind.
Contact Jen O'Brien at to request a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for an ASHA Member Program or a Special Event.