ASHA Star of the Week Jarrod Doherty is currently 13 years old and has been playing special hockey for about 7 seasons for the Pawtucket Pirates and 2 season for the Blackstone Valley Bulldogs. JD as we call him, loves Hockey, riding his Bike and of course, ,Video games. He enjoys helping others and has received 3 awards at school for always being a Kind, Positive and helpful classmate. 

He attends the Wolf School in East Providence RI a school for kids with learning differencees and has made many new friends.Recently we received an email about how helpful he has been to a new student without being prompted to help him.  

JD keeps a positive attitude despite the fact he has a medical condition where his Blood does not produce antibodies(Primary Immune Deficiency)  so he receives a 5 Hour long IV infusion where he gets Antibodies from healthy people's blood,  every 2 weeks since he was a Toddler. 

He loves his Family and his 2 Hockey teams very much. He will offers  words of encouragement to his teammates and he usually plays Goaltender and let's the younger kids get the Puck in so they'll feel good about themselves. 
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Date of Publication: 
Fri, Nov 13, 2015