Jack Ray

Let me introduce you to Jack Ray, a senior at Revere High Schooland one of the newest members to the Cleveland Rockin Wildcats. Jack joined our team a couple of years ago after moving to Ohio from Colorado where he played for the Colorado Ice Wizards and the Wildcats couldn’t be happier to have such a fun loving kid be part of our hockey family here in Cleveland.

He is forever grateful to Coach Tom, Coach Mary, Coach Mark and Coach Roy of the Ice Wizards who taught him initially to skate then play the game of hockey. Jack’s cousins Joe & Matt played for the St. Louis Gateway Locomotives which convinced him to follow in his cousins footsteps and play hockey.

Hockey is the highlight of his weekend as he practices every Saturday morning and looks forward all week to practice. During the off season he enjoys swimming and boating while spending time with his family.  Jack enjoys his collection of Hot Wheel cars and knowing what all the makes and models are. Jack’s smile as he enters the locker rooms for practice or a game can do nothing except put everyone in betters spirits….Thanks Jack for all you do for our team 

Date of Publication: 
Sat, Dec 5, 2015