Mark your calendars for the 2020 Lake Placid Can Am! Contact with any questions as to get on the information update list!

A number of teams have reached out with questions about the April 2020 Can/Am Tournament, and we are excited about the response. In order to streamline some of the questions please find below some additional information.

PLEASE CONTACT Debbie McQuilkin, ASHA Can/Am Tournament Coordinator at with ALL questions and inquiries. She can help you with navigating Registration, Fundraising ideas and help you get your teams excited throughout the season!

Team Managers must confirm their team’s participation and register the TEAM at
A registration link will be sent to you to forward to your Players/Families, Coaches/Volunteers. Everyone affiliated with your team will use your team specific link.

Single Players: Single Players are welcome to attend. All single players, must register by contacting Single players will be accommodated with registered teams by their play level. Deb will work with the players and teams to match needs for a positive experience.

Partial Teams: To accommodate teams with just a few attending players. PLEASE contact Deb for matching in the same way the event will accommodate single players.

REASONABLE COST! In special Hockey, Special Hockey Clubs, fundraise to host local events. Many of the associated costs for attendance not as apparent. We understand the costs for this event may be intimidating. (Consider 3 nights at double occupancy @$175/ 6 meals x 2ppl @$20 each, taxes and & hotel fees $60, Banquet/Party $100, Ice/Tournament Fees Costs $150 = $1,000) The cost is reasonably in line with the true costs of typical hockey tournaments and very reasonable for a weekend in Lake Placid filled with activities and events that celebrate Special Hockey.

WORRY FREE! CanAm’s professional approach and understanding our special hockey takes every detail into account. From the inspirational opening ceremonies to the last game buzzer - You will not need to worry about anything, other than having the time of your life. Your team will experience a level special hockey players dream of and can ONLY be experienced in Lake Placid.

VALUE! This tournament is fully inclusive of meals, rooms, parties and all hockey activities. Pricing is based on occupancy and is described on the website. Actual costs are in line with the package tournament pricing. The priceless atmosphere of being able to play with special hockey friends in the iconic atmosphere of Lake Placid will bring memories that will change lifetimes.

REACH OUT! Teams who have experienced this, are enthusiastic about attending and we hope that new teams will join in the fun! We encourage you to reach out to teams who have attended before and learn more about their experience. More than 26 teams have attended in the past. Debbie ( ) is happy to connect you with other teams and families who have attended. They can share with you their excitement and encourage your team to attend.

FUNDRAISING: Many teams will be fundraising throughout the season for this incredible weekend. Debbie will work with your team to share ideas and opportunities. Many teams have found their excitement and anticipation grows throughout the season. That enthusiasm supports fundraising specific for this event making attending the Can/Am in Lake Placid a season long celebration.

IDEAS! Some ideas are skating marathons, wrapping paper sales, car wash, bake sales, golf tournaments, etc. We encourage teams to reach out to their local hockey programs and high school teams to help host fundraising events. Fundraising on social media and ASHA’s online auction LIVESource are resources Debbie can help you with. ASHA is also working with Requip’d to help support local team fundraising efforts through used equipment/stick recycling.


Rules & Regulations: All rules & regulations of ASHA will apply to Lake Placid. All Coaches, Adult volunteers, etc., are required to be in compliance with safety regulations. Be sure your team has all Background and training requirements in order. Please note that all background and abuse training requirements must be in good standing at the time of the tournament in April. **Team managers are required to track all compliance requirements.

Rosters: Team rosters will be required. We ask that the rosters reflect the appropriate levels of each player (A+, A, A- etc.) Please refer to the “ABC’s of player levels” information previously sent out to teams. (Please contact Debbie if you need additional copies) We know, and CanAm knows, that the nature of Special Hockey dictates that there may be changes between your A, B and C players. Rosters should also list all participating coaches & volunteers. Final rosters will be due three weeks prior to the event.

On Site Communication: We encourage teams set up a group text as a helpful tool in the event of a time change, rink change, dinner plans, etc. Lake Placid is full of fund things to do, and being able to connect when enjoying all that there is to offer, is important.

Coaching & Game Management: Remember that “Everyone is a Star”. Debbie will work with each team prior to the event ensuring that coaches are able to discuss their rosters and lines prior to games. This tournament is focused on friendly and fair play for all teams. The Can/Am experience should bring out the champion in every player. This is not a competitive tournament.

Player Safety and Locker Rooms: All player safety rules and locker room regulations will apply at this tournament. We understand that the new regulations are going to take some adjusting, but your Team Manager should be able to help prepare players and families for this facility and any specific expectations months in advance. Debbie will be working with Can/Am to make sure your team has as much information prior to the event to ensure participant safety.

HOCKEY ACTIVITIES: The opening ceremonies are inspirational and welcome your teams & families with a life changing experience. We are anticipating a Coaches Game and Family Skate to include everyone in the Lake Placid on ice experience. As the event approaches, Debbie will reach out to with updates on activities and opportunities.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Debbie with any questions and ideas.

Please put “CanAm” in the subject line of any emails, and if you do not hear back from Debbie within 24 hours, please don’t hesitate to reach out again.

Debbie will be working with you to create a group email and contact for this event. Please forward your team manager’s name, team name & phone, emails if you want to be included the group email/texts for updates.

Again Debbie can be reached at (email preferred)

Thu, Apr 23, 2020 - Sun, Apr 26, 2020