Please note that the ASHA organization website now allows parents to register multiple players/junior coaches, or senior coaches/volunteers to register multiple famliy members, using the same email single address; however, that email address cannot be used as the login name or username when logging in under such circumstances.

When more than one player, junior coach, senior coach or volunteer from the same family is registered with one email address, the person logging in must use the username assigned at registration as the login or username or first name and last name as the username.  The email address will not work because the system will not know which player, junior coach, senior coach or volunteer is attempting to log in.

All registrants to the website will receive an email notification when you have registered your child on the ASHA organization website.  That email notification will identify your username or login name.  

If you do not receive an email notification upon registration to the ASHA website, and your email is through Gmail, your email notification is in Gmail's Spam folder.  You must log into your Gmail account ( and go to the Spam folder (found under the "More" menu heading) to locate the message from ASHA.  ASHA is working to fix this problem, but it is the Gmail Spam filtering that is causing the problem.