ASHA provides Assist Grants for member affiliate organizations. These grants are provided based on funding level each year.

Grants will be decided by review by ASHA Assist Grants Committee.

Grants are provided by priority based on

1) New Program Assistance

2) Regional Camps and Tournaments

3) Program Hardship

4) Others

Please use the ASHA Grant Assist Form to apply: 


                      American Special Hockey Association
                                    Assist Grant Program
Name __________________________________________________________


Address ________________________________________________________


 Phone ____________________________ Member ID ___________________


                                    Tax ID # ___________________


Organization President (or other officer requesting funds)




Address _________________________________________________________


City____________________________________ State_______ Zip__________


Regional  Director____________________________________________________


Is this grant for a Festival or Event?  YES  / NO (Circle)  If Yes, Date of Event: ________________


On a separate sheet, please provide a brief explanation of how the grant funds will be used.

Be specific – include list of items to be purchased.


Please attach a copy of your organizations 501c3 Letter of Determination.  If you do not have one, please attach a letter of explanation.

Number of athletes served by this grant _______________

Signature ______________________________________ Date______________

Signature ______________________________________ Date _____________


By signing this grant application, I agree on behalf on the member organization of American Special Hockey Association, to use these funds (if approved) only for the benefit of participants in American Special Hockey programs, and give permission for the American Special Hockey Association to use details of this grant and its use by our member organizations. The organization president and one other organization official must sign this document.

Return to:
    ASHA Assist Grant Program

c/o Jen O’Brien & Joe Guellnitz

37 Kenilworth Road

Binghamton, NY 13903