Starting an ASHA Program

What is needed to start a program?

Each program should have at least two coaches and a program director.

 Submitting a Program Registration Form

The first step to becoming an ASHA Member Program is to complete an ASHA Program Registration form. This form is to register your Information with ASHA and to issue your Program a Certificate of Insurance.

A Certificate of Insurance is needed as proof of Insurance to allow your program to get on the ice.


Individual Players, Coaches and Volunteers Registration

After submitting your ASHA Registration Form your program will be registered as an ASHA Member Organization.

Your Program will be given a program page on the ASHA website and it will be time to start to register your players, coaches and volunteers.


Background Checks and Child Safety Training

ASHA has a background check and child safety training program in place for all volunteers over 18 years of age.

What are the ages of participants?

Participants start as young as 5 years of age and there is no age limit for adults.

Most programs start as a learn to skate and basic hockey skills program. As a program grows there are multiple opportunities for regional and national festivals, tournaments and events.

Our programs are therapeutic rather than competitive and no skating experience is necessary.


 ASHA provides some Assist Grants to help with startup funds for new programs.

 Benefits to Becoming an ASHA Member Program

Free liability insurance for your organization, this insurance is the basic insurance that is needed to get a program on the ice.

Discounts on optional Directors and Officers Insurance     

Insurance for the protection of your board of directors. Most participants already have  

Medical Insurance so does not need the supplemental plan.

A organization page on the ASHA website which can be used as a webpage for your     

Organization at no charge. The webpage provides information on your program, as well as photos and videos.

First chance at attending the many ASHA sanctioned tournaments and festivals held throughout the year.

Ability to use the ASHA 501 c 3 non-profit status until your programs is approved for it’s own nonprofit status.

If there is no team close enough to you then consider starting a program in your own community. Remember that the first program started with just two players. To help you get started you can download a document called "Ice Hockey Programs for Special Athletes." This document was written by Colorado Special Hockey Association President and Head Coach, Tracy Tucker, for his Master Level coaching certification from USA Hockey. It is very thorough and very well written. 
For information related to staring a new program, contact Jen O'Brien at or 6074-765-4529